Ayubowan !

The pearl of the Indian Ocean also known as the island of Serendipity. The Romans called it, “Serendivis” while Arabs called it, “Serendib”. This was the chosen word combined with, “ Signature” in defining the exclusive type signature hospitality that we offer to you in our unique resort.

Ensuring a tranquil ECO nature stay while allowing you to breathe a bit of Kandyan Royalty and Its history as well as the culture of Dumbara Mitiyawatha ( The misty valley of hill capital). The luxury star class resort provide you with a truly authentic experience of Kandyan living that is close to nature yet provides the comfort and the luxury of modernized living.

Our Accommodation

We provide two categories of rooms for your choice and as per your budget and preference.

Our Facilities

Restaurant dining , a dip in the pool, a relaxing massage, cooking experience in the mud hut will give you a novel experience.

Our Surrounding

Bird watching, Hiking, Biking, Golfing, Spiritual excursions, visiting Kandyan art & craft villages a few out of many awaiting to be explored.